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Bullet CCTV Camera installation in Hyderabad

What is Bullet CC Cameras

Bullet security cameras are a type of video surveillance cameras which are consistently small and shaped like a rifle bullet shell or a lipstick case. It is also known as lipstick cameras.

Small bullet cameras usually have the diameter of a cigar, but it is short. These cameras are easy to mount on ceiling or walls,, and most of them use a tri-axis type for mounting. However, all the bullet cameras are not small. Infrared bullet cameras are large in diameter to accommodate the additional space that IR LEDs require

Bullet cameras are of different types such as AHD camera, analog CCTV camera, and TVI (Transport video interface) cameras. AHD and TV cameras have a capability of 1080p HD resolution.

Advantages of Bullet Cameras
  • Bullet cameras have both wired and wireless variants.
  • Wireless is a better choice because you can carry and set them anywhere without any problem
  • These cameras can be use in underwater as they can withstand the pressure of 100 feet below the water surface.
  • It captures high-quality images,even in dark places / less light
  • It can send signals to DVD, PC, and VCR.
  • It records everything 24/7
CCTV Camera Installation Services in Hyderabad

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